August 13th - 17th

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Still going and going...

The unicycling is done, but the pain and joy Ben, Bob and Jason feel is still there. Even though the riding is accomplished the event goes on. There will be around 10 performances at the Houghton County Fair later this week. So come out to support these guys and who they represent, David and Dustin. See you at the Fair!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It Is Finished

After five days and 100 miles Ben, Bob and Jason completed their journey to Marquette. They crossed the finish line at 2:10 pm on Sunday August 17, 2008. There were around a hundred people there in support of their accomplishment. Dustin was able to be at the event, while David has been battling for his life in Ann Arbor. You can see updates in his blog located in the "More Information" section of the website. Ben, Bob and Jason raised over $11,000 but they aren't done yet. You can see them perform this coming weekend at the Houghton County Fair, more information on times to follow.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Double Header

Today we'll be stopping for 2 juggling shows in Ishpeming. The first will be at 11:00 AM at the Country Village Bookstore, and the second will be at the Jasper Ridge restraunt at 7:00 PM. See you out there!

Final Destination

We now have the word about the unicyclers final destination and time! Jason, Ben and Bob will roll past the city limits about 1:30 PM Sunday August 17th. Then they'll be at the Lower Harbor Park by around 2:00 PM Sunday August 17th.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Top 10 Moments from the Road

#10... The Wildlife on Day 1... We almost hit a deer as it tried crossing the highway outside of Chassell... and at the end of the day we were circled by a big bald eagle that settled into a nearby tree as we celebrated the end of a successful first day #9... The food... It all started with a roadside box marked "for the unicyclists" that was filled with bananas and water bottles... a few minutes later a guy named Rich stopped us on the road and gave us some polish sausages and an amazing blueberry cobbler... and of course, the Baraga Drive-In... the taste of homemade root beer after 24 miles of unicycling is beyond words... and finally, the L'anse Eagles made us a smorgasbord of hot dogs, baked beans, and desserts... all in all, we've been eating well! #8 Becca and Nikki... a legendary support crew... more than a big deal... swimming on Thursday night was fun, fun, fun... #7 Friday was Spandex Day which means we wore our super-tight spandex and our super-tight jerseys and nothing more... we think this allowed us to cut through the wind with little to no resistance and achieve our big 30-mile-day! I'm sure this also helped bring in some donations from all the ladies who passed us along the way... In addition, the short shorts also revealed what we like to call the "ham and turkey tan lines" that we've developed on the thighs (see pictures if you really want) #6 On Thursday, we did a morning juggling show for some Baraga Elementary School and it was tons of fun... we heard one of the best laughs ever from a young man named Ethan... #5 Unicycle Maintenance... apparently when you unicycle over 20 miles a day your pedals start falling off, your tires pop or just wear out, screws become stripped, and your shoes start busting at the seams... #4 The Baraga Drive-In... there were many special moments from Wednesday night... but some of our faves were Bruce Rundman's rendition of "500 Miles" by the Proclaimers, Maxx riding on Bob's back as he unicycled around the lot, seeing everyone wearing the yellow support shirts, learning how to make cotton candy, and of course... the root beer! #3 Bernie Gooch... this one is an inside joke and we apologize if you don't find it funny... it has something to do with saddle sore and a full explanation of this topic would not be suitable for this family-friendly blog... to put in words that everyone will understand... our butt-areas are incredibly tender, raw, and sore #2 Honks and Waves... the machine gun honk, the long honk, the barely-audible honk, the big truck honk, the quick honk-honk, the long honk-honk, police car honks, the motorcycle honks, honk medleys... we love them all... thumbs-up, peace signs, fist pumps, waves, points, head nods, yells, the a-ok sign, the hook'em horns... we also love those... we especially love combinations of all those actions... thank you to all our roadside supporters #1 On Friday afternoon, we found out that more than $10,000 has been raised for Dustin and David... definitely the number one moment of the journey... these boys have inspired us so much and we are thoroughly enjoying doing this "for the boys!"