August 13th - 17th

Friday, August 8, 2008

Guest Book

Guest Book

Thank You for visiting our site and for your support. Cheer on Dustin, David, and the Unicyclers. Click Here to sign the Guest Book


Rob said...

Thanks for checking out 100 Miles for 2 Big Smiles and for your support. We hope to see you sometime during the trip.

Unknown said...

Ben, Bob and Jason,
Congratulations to the three of you for stepping out to make a difference in these boys lives and their families. You are impacting so many people by your willingness to spend your time and energies toward the success of this endeavor. You are loved and respected by your families and friends! Rachelle A. Bachran

Sylvia Tijerina said...


Way to go.
Good luck on your adventure and have fun. You and your friends are doing a wonderful thing! Very impressive!

Sylvia Tijerina

pat said...

Get after it fellas! This is an awesome thing you are doing, and I know that both the Gockenbachs and the Burkmans appreciate it very much. Good luck.

Pat Cattelino

jennifer said...

You three are an inspiration to many. I congratulate you on this endeavor that you are about to embark on. Your families must be so proud of you!

Jenny DePuydt-Saari

Anonymous said...

Hi David and Dustin,

I am on the support team for Jason, Bob, and Ben and we are looking forward to "hitting the road" on Wednesday. The guys have worked hard getting ready an making preparations for juggling shows along the way.

You are in our prayers and thoughts everyday and we look forward to seeing you soon to celebrate.

Check out this site to see photos of the adventures along the way.

(Chief Roady)

Nick said...

I like this site Robby nice job

Joan Gockenbach said...

Hi Guys,
Wish David and I could be there to see you off Wed. You don't know how much this means to us. I cry every time I think of all the effort you have put into this. Thank you. We'll be here in Ann Arbor cheering you on!
With much respect, admiration and appreciation,
Joan Gockenbach

Anonymous said...
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cwcook22 said...

hey guys, this is a great thing you guys are doing for the boys and the communitys, have a fun ride!

good luck, hopefully get to see you take off in houghton.


BobG said...

Good luck Guys!

Refuse to Loose!

Is the motto of one of my good friends with lukemia also.

This morning Bob took my wrist band from Mason's fund raiser we did last year online to wear on this trip.

These 3 gentlemen are what's RIGHT with the world.

Bob Gilreath

Unknown said...

100 Miles for THREE big smiles....
I was thinking that God, also, must be smiling to see three guys use their unique talents in such a powerfully unique way; and to see the community come together behind the two stricken boys, and this effort to help. I think this is what God meant when He said to Love each other. It has inspired me, and I think many others. And yes, I think God is smiling too. -Bob E

Mrgym said...

I just wanted show support for this awesome event you undertaking. I was made aware of this event through a mutual friend, who gave Bob one of my son's "Refuse to Lose" bracelets (my son is also battling leukemia). As we have been battling this disease for nearly a year now, I know how important it is for your two young men and their families to receive support from friends, family and community. I just wanted to let you know that what you guys are doing is awesome and you have no idea how much impact this trip will have on David and Dustin, as well as their family, friends and community! I wish we could come see you in person, but since that is not possible we look forward to seeing pictures and video from your trip.
Good Luck!You guys are an inspiration!
Doug and Mason Gates [RTL]
"Refuse to Lose"

pat said...

Great pictures. keep them comming guys.

pat said...

I really wish I could have been there to see you guys off this morning. Im proud of you Jaybo, and keep the pictures comming.

Pat Cattelino

Hillary said...

Great job, guys!! Good luck on your trip, we are cheering you on. This is a wonderful way to show your support to David and Dustin, I know they are smiling just thinking of your adventure this week. You are an inspiration to us all to GET INVOLVED!!!

Thank you!

Sara said...

hey guys,
thank you all so much for what you are doing for david and the other little guys are role models we all should follow. wish i could be there but unfortunately, i'm in iowa and am leaving for school this friday...good luck and again, thank you for all you're doing :) ~Sara Roggemann

chris and andrea said...

Watch out for deer!!:)

Copper Country Home Educators said...

Hi guys,
I just wanted to say how proud we are of all of you. We brag you up wherever we go. Just one thing: we know you are trained professionals and in great shape and all that; just don't make it look tooo easy.
Giving thanks,
Rob's mom

Bob's Mom said...

I have been proud of you many times in your life but I am so very proud of what you are doing this week. I read a quote from one of the Olympic athletes. A reporter asked if qualifying to compete at the Olympics was the hardest thing they ever did. The athlete replied "No, the hardest thing I ever did was learn to juggle and ride a unicycle at the same time." You three make it look so easy! Congratulations on making a huge impact on two familes
and for inspiring so many of us!
Our prayers are with you for a safe journey!

claire j said...

hey fellas...
i know you're doing great on the road. keep it up, and know that you have brought together our two communities in a way no one has before, for an incredible cause. i'm praying for you guys, and i'll see you in marquette!

Anonymous said...

Hi! You guys rock my socks! :) It was really nice seeing you all! Keep going, I admire you all so much!


Trisha and Bob said...

The pictures are great. I wish I could be there. This is really an incredible adventure! Good luck on the last few miles. Thanks for letting God use you in His plan.


pat said...

I love the picture of Ben doing push-ups. And one time I ran into Bernie on a backpacking trip. But keep going guys, your almost there.

Pat Cattelino
(Cheering you on from Glacier National Park, MT.)

pat said...

Congrats on the big finish guys!! You three are awesome!

crazyjolson said...

Guys, thank you so much for doing this for these two families. I met one of the boy's moms at a mother's group a while back. it's inspiring to see what teamwork, effort, and creativity can accomplish. I wish all of you (and your behind-the-scenes team too) the very best in whatever your next endeavors turn out to be.